Homecoming 2016

thSQMEHX18Homecoming is coming up with the dance at the school on Oct 15 from 8 to 11 pm. To prevent the flood of ticket purchases at the last minute, we have adopted a staggered payment plan which is set forth below. Guests must be cleared using the guest permission form which must be completed before buying the ticket.  (Guest Form.) The last day to turn in completed guest forms is Oct 12. There will be no sales at the door. All fines must be cleared before you buy tickets! Pictures can be taken before the dance from 4-6:30 at the school or at the dance. Reservations are required for the pre-dance photos but not at the dance. (Picture Prices Form.)

  • Sep 26-30: Early Bird Special, $30 per person
  • Oct 3-7: Regular Price $35 per person
  • Oct 10-12: $40 per person
  • Oct 13-14: $45 per person