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Activities Library
Administration Main Office
Advanced Placement/UW in the High School Mathematics
Alternative Education Music
Art Nurse
Athletics Para Educators
Attendance Psychologist
Building Technology Specialist Prevention/Intervention Specialist
Career Center Registrar
Career and Technical Education Science
Cashier Security
Custodial Staff Social Studies
ELL Special Education
Guidance/Counseling State Testing
Health and Fitness Student Store
Instructional Coach Theme Readers
Kitchen Staff World Language
Language Arts
Dave Peters
Terry Duty,
Martin Barber,
Associate Principal
Doug Burnham,
Associate Principal, CTE Director
Tony Davis,
Associate Principal, Athletic Director
Mike Hanson,
Dean of Students
Jason Johnson,
Administrative Intern
Kara Runge,
Educational Assistant
Advanced Placement/UW in the HS
Charisse Braun,
AP/UWHS Coordinator
Darren Collins>
Tyrell Hardtke
Jeff Heil
Dan Howell
Alex Hipolito
Anne Hobson
Jason Johnson
Dale Lehman
Doug Marsh
Jennifer McCoy
Martina Morgan
Nathalie Norris
John Soldano
Jon Neil
Dave Wright
Gretchen Wulfing
Alternative Education
Jason Johnson
Paul Rempfer
Adam Rubeck
Leanne Shipley
Amy Cantrell
Jennifer McCoy
Kara Oxner
Sue Belleville
Attendance Notifications
Building Technology Specialist
Beth Metzger
Career Center
Cecilia Adam, Career Counselor
Career & Technical Education
Kristen Eisele
Corinne Gaddis
Rick Haag
Mike Jackson
Jennifer McCoy
Shelby Merlini
Marie Page
Deb Wood
Luke Thompson
Adam Turley
Ginny Tubbs
Susan Uland
Frances Wood
Custodial Staff
Rick Bergum
Bob Bennison
Jim Bergum
Steven Clapper
Nancy Ennis
Marissa Morelock
Tavlen Terwillegar
La Vang
Lisa Oswald
Mike Hansen,
(Last Names E-K)
Michael McGraw,
(Last Names L-Q)
Heidi Young,
(Last Names R-Z)
Shelly Veazey,
(Last Name A-D)
Health and Fitness
Jeana Haag
Alyssa Hurt
Tracy Krause
Tom Milligan
Instructional Coach
Brooke Dillon
Kitchen Staff
Pam Stickle
Lisa Cheverette
Dae Sawin
Jennica Stromberg
Language Arts
Allison Agnew
Charisse Braun
Gregg Collette
Melissa Bean
Abby Durrett
Cavin Eggleston
Jeff Heil
Anne Hobson
Shawn Kilgallon
Adam Rubeck
Joscelyn Strasser

Matt Tucker
Lora Gillingham
Michelle Reid
Main Office
Jan Coluccio
Karen Jenkins
Brandi Ostendorf
Celeste Blay
Peter DeBolt
Tracy deLeon
Carmen Innes
LaRae Keeney
Katherine Munoz
Malinda Shirley
Ben Simmons
Jami Suhoversnik
Dave Wright
Matthew Cole
Ken Riggs
Sandy Markus
Para Educators
Selyna Clayton
Jill Evans
Deanna Hokenson
Lynn Holstein
Jeanette Jaegerman
Karen Janicki
Sandra Johnson
Debhra Kuga
June Mehl
Wingel Montero
DeeAnn Svedarsky
Don Scales
Prevention/Intervention Specialist
Monica Robbins
Jill Jolk
Sandy Tarli
Jamie Bryce
Darren Collins
Tyrell Hardtke
Dan Howell
Francis Jequinto
Dale Lehman
Ken Loomis
Clare Nance
Jon Neil
Karen Weihe
Special Education
Kelly Allison
Theresa Castaneda
Kim Kelly
Tim Kitchen
Betsy Lowe
Alison Markley
State Testing
Martin Barber
Karen Jenkins
Social Studies
Kaveh Dilmaghani
Jason Johnson
Shawn Martinson
Lisa Monn
Martina Morgan
Dave Peters
Chris Price
Paul Rempfer
Mike Seger
John Soldano
Dan Strojan
Gretchen Wulfing
Student Store
The Bear Den
Theme Readers
Melody Klobutcher
Julie Millage
World Languages
Marie Betlach
Kristen Eisele
Hilary Ledford
Alex Hipolito
Doug Marsh
Nathalie Norris
Stella Patrick
Ginny Tubbs

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