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Senior Awards Night Winners


If you were unable to attend Senior Awards Night on Thursday June 7th, below is a list of the students who received awards and honors:

Art Visual: Destiny Hyatt
Art Digital Graphic: Jonathan Wan
Band: Trevor Lind
Choir: Joel Thompson
Counseling: Nicholas Cuccia
Drama: Tyler Bocock
Agriculture: Augustus Greenside
ASL: Serena Krause
Video: Carson Weisberg and Kayla Ondik
Business: Joshua Jackson
Computer Science: John Balke
Marketing: Miles Foucault
Metals: Ryan Sevedge
Health & Fitness: Grayson Kibby
Language Arts: Melia Cleary
Math: James Holtz
Opportunity Education: Mariay Shanygina
Science: Jameson Hubbard
Social Studies: Rhiannon Rasaretnam
World Language: Jack Duggan
Rod Sivertsen: Maxwell Ratsch and Justice Williams
Vista Community Service: Autumn McGarity
Troy Raunig Award: Kyle Sherick and Ashlyn Hohn
Zackery Lstedt Award: Jayson Spear
Valedictorian: Katarina Zosel
Saludatorian: Melia Cleary

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