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First Annual THS Graduating Seniors Military Send-Off


Tahoma would like to honor all members of the Bears Family who are enlisting in the military with a “Send-Off” in which we all gather and pay tribute to them with gifts, food, stories, and socializing before they depart for basic training or boot camp. It is Tahoma’s way of wishing them safe travels and success as they embark on a commitment of service to our nation.

We are starting this tradition at Tahoma High School with Military Club’s first annual Send-Off for our 2018 graduating seniors entering military service. Please feel free to join this Friday, June 1 from 7-9 PM in the High School Commons. Please bring something food-wise to share if you can. Maple Valley’s Colonel Mike Meyer (USAF) will be our keynote speaker. Recruiters from each service branch will be introducing their enlistees. BTW, we have a couple future Marines flying out to San Diego for boot camp a couple days after school is out.

Here are our 2018 enlistees so far: Please let me know if you know of others not listed below.


Nicolas Blaide Barajas                        2018    THS     USMC

Nathan Alexander Beagle                   2018    THS     USMC

Nicholas Gabriel Rosas-Bennett        2018    THS     USMC

Ethan Murray Burt                              2018    THS     Army (Ranger) (DEP)

Matthew William Calicoat                   2018    THS     USMC

Miles Russell Foucault                        2018    THS     Army

Jonathan Saul Garcia                         2018    THS     USMC

Geoffrey Scott Hoobler                       2018    THS     Navy

Grayson Scott Kibby                           2018    THS     Army

Zerrick Keyon Milton                           2018    THS     Army

Kenneth Dale “Kenny” Munsinger      2018    THS     USMC

Devin Shane Red Cloud                     2018    THS     USMC

Findley Cristopher Schultz                 2018    THS     USMC

Nathaniel Alan Schreiner                    2018    THS     Navy

Jackson Cole Tingman                       2018    THS     USMC


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you Friday evening.

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