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Tahoma Students Do Work at SkillsUSA Regional Championships

February 7, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Gage Moody won a $1000 scholarship to Shoreline Community College for his 2nd Place finish in Auto Service.

Tahoma Auto Club has participated in an ongoing service project providing basic car maintenance and service for Vine Maple Place. Garit and Emma did a great job presenting the project, earning 1st place at regionals.

Thank You to the Advisory Committee members for helping judge the Power Equipment and Motorcycle Service contests. These include: Bryan Kelly (Valley Auto Electric), Chris Ollom (Chris’ Classics and Hot Rods), Mike Hudgens (Iron Mike Automotive), Lawless Harley Davidson, Noble Rush Motorcycles.

Most of these students listed will be competing in Yakima at the State Conference in late April.

SkillsUSA State


Community Service Project

Garit Bowman/Emma Hardin      1st Place


Automotive Service

Gage Moody                      2nd Place              $1000 Scholarship

Garit Bowman                   4th Place

Mel Davidson                    6th Place

Dorien Bettcher                 9th Place


Automotive Maintenance

Tyler Dalzell                        14th Place

Dylan Caldwell                   16th Place

Emma Hardin                     17th Place

Robert Vangelder            19th Place

John Cefalu                         21st Place


Heavy Truck/Diesel

Gage Moody                      4th Place

Dorien Bettcher                5th Place


Motorcycle Service

Mel Davidson                    1st Place

Gage Moody                      2nd Place

Marcus Bosancu               3rd Place

Garit Bowman                   7th Place


Power Equipment

Mel Davidson                    2nd Place

Dorian Bettcher                4th Place

Garit Bowman                   5th Place

Dylan Caldwell                   9th Place

Jaxon Reynolds                 10th Place

Emma Hardin                     11th Place


Mobile Electronics (Car Audio)

Jaxon Reynold                   1st Place

Dorien Bettcher                2nd Place

Mel Davidson                     3rd Place


Health Occupations Portfolio

Ellen Harris                          1st Place


Customer Service

Gage Moody                      1st Place

Brianna Rhyner                 2nd Place

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