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Tahoma students transform utility boxes into art

The Maple Valley Public Arts Commission recently completed another public arts project; enhancing the plain, green utility boxes with “Local Native American Visual Languages” themed vinyl wraps. Members of the Public Arts Commission thoroughly researched and discussed wrapping utility boxes in Maple Valley, including working through some challenges.  The City owns two of these boxes while Puget Sound Energy owns one and graciously agreed to allow the City to include it in the project so there could be a set of three and flow of design.

The Public Arts Commission wishes to thank the Tahoma Senior High School for teaming up with the City on this project. The AP 2-D Digital Graphics Arts Class students were given an assignment by Jennifer McCoy, instructor and arts enthusiast, to design the artwork based on guidelines provided by the Public Arts Commission. These highly talented students diligently researched and created designs by working collaboratively in teams. Each of the three teams presented their designs at various stages of completion to members of the Public Arts Commission and Staff Liaison who provided feedback.  The amazing designs created by each of the three teams made the selection process very difficult. The team whose artwork design selected by the Public Arts Commission to recommend to City Council attended a City Council meeting and made a professional presentation to Council members.  These designs, produced by: Pictured: Madison Shook, Katarina Zosel, Ghania Bamba, Zach Owens, Not Pictured: Madison Manning and Devin Berg,  are now wrapped onto the Electrical Boxes. Congratulations to these talented students.

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