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We the People – 9th Place Finish @ Nationals

Tahoma High School’s We the People team placed in the top 10 in the nation this week, for the fourth time in school history.

The final competition was Monday morning in Washington D.C., and Tahoma’s ninth-place finish was announced Monday night. For more information, click here: http://civiced.org/2016-finals-awards

We the People Tahoma HS Team and coaches
Student Maddie Drotning, who is on Unit 6 on the team, said the best moment of the competition was finding out Tahoma was in the top 10.

“We were the last team announced to make the top 10 cut,” Drotning said. “Being the last team called made it more exciting and meaningful.”

Classmate Peter Thomas agreed.

“I have had other exciting moments and other successes in my life but nothing comes close to the amazing feeling of finding out we made it to top 10,” Thomas said. “We were the last school announced and before we were called you could just see us deflating as spots kept getting taken. I honestly thought we had failed. But then they announced ‘Tahoma, Washington state’ and we went berserk. … It was the best. Our team really loves each other and you could feel it.”

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