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Bear Metal Robotics Team makes strong showing

Tahoma’s Robotics Team, AKA Bear Metal (FRC team 2046) returned as finalists from their 2 day district competition at Auburn Mountainview High School. At the end of qualification rounds, Tahoma seeded 2nd out of the 40 teams in attendance. Tahoma was able to draft alliance partners for the finals and battled through quarter and semi-finals. In the finals, Bear Metal had some mechanical issues with the collector which prevented Xcalibear (the robot’s name) from putting up a formidable performance. Bear Metal fell to the Number 1 seeded alliance captained by team Skunkworks (FRC team 1983) from Aviation High School.


Tahoma’s next district competition will be in Philomath, Oregon. March 24th – 26th. The Robotics Team plan to make improvements our robot for this event.

Various details and facts:

  1. Tahoma was the only team at this competition that had an autonomous mode which scored a boulder in the goal. Xcalibear was 6/7 in the elimination rounds. Kudos go to the programming team for this.
  2. Tahoma won the Industrial Design award sponsored by GM. This award goes to the team who best “integrates form and function into an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge.”
  3. Here is a video of Tahoma’s second semi-final match. Bear Metal is in the red alliance. Team 2046.
  4. Here is a highlight video of the event.
  5. Tahoma is on track to make it to the district championship in Portland.
  6. Bear Metal has 41 students from (9 – 12) grade and has different levels of robotics programs throughout our district (FLL Middle school and FTC High).
  7. Bear Metal are celebrating the 10th season as an FIRST Robotics team!
  8. Our funding comes from sponsors (Boeing, Flow Waterjet, Google, Alaska Airlines, OSPI and Tahoma School District) as well as various fundraisers. (Girls’ Generation Competition, Dinner & Auction, Robotics Camp & Mattress sale)
  9. FIRST is an acronym for (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). It was established to emulate a sporting event in an attempt to get youth excited science and technology. There are thousands of teams of all levels worldwide.
  10. There are 158 FRC teams in the PNW district which is comprised of teams from Washington, Oregon and Alaska.
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