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Thank You Japanese Exchange Students

November 6, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments


Our exchange students from Komaba Gakuen High School have safely returned to Japan. We at the high school are grateful to have had the opportunity of their visit for our Tahoma students.

Special thanks go to Mike Hansen for helping place these kids in elective classes. The Japanese coordinators said students really appreciated the chance to participate in classes instead of just shadowing their host brothers and sisters. Shelby Merlini, Tracy Krause, Jenna Haag, Kara Oxner, Susan Uland, and Ken Riggs all welcomed the Japanese students to join their classes during the exchange.

Also, thanks to Dave Peters and Frances Wood for arranging it so the students could attend Homecoming activities. Nothing like a homecoming (especially a Tahoma homecoming) exists in Japanese culture, so it really was amazing that their visit coincided with this quintessential THS event.

Finally, thank you, Terry, for suggesting the exchange in the first place. This program allowed our students and their families a new way to connect to our school and the wider world. The next step will be to start a Japanese language and culture club so that we can send our kids to Japan.

Thanks for your support, Tahomies and the entire Tahoma community!

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