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Kudos to THS Choirs

It has been a great year for the THS choirs!  Each group received the highest scores of any choir at their region contests, one of our singers won the state solo contest, and we gave many wonderful concerts, not to mention all of the great learning and musical growth that has been taking place in the classroom, but without a doubt the highlight was our Chamber Choir’s performance at the Northwest Division Convention of the American Choral Directors’ Association.

Choir DirectorMr. Riggs says, “I did not see all of the performances at the convention, but of the ones I did see – a great middle school choir, as well as high school, university, and adult professional choirs – we were the ONLY ONE that received a standing ovation from the audience of nearly 600 choral professionals from throughout the northwest.  These experienced musicians are not easily impressed, and do not give this kind of accolade without good cause.”

If you would like to see part or all of our performance, check out the video up here:

You’ll be impressed with the kind of mature, polished performance a group of high school kids can give.  If you have a quiet 9 minutes to spare, “Dear Sarah” is a powerfully moving experience.  For something light and fun, try “Jenny Kiss’d Me”.  If you have 25 minutes and the inclination, watch the whole performance.  The sequence of songs made for an effective program (click the arrows at the bottom right of each video to expand to full-screen).

Thanks so much for your continued support of our Tahoma choir students.  Enjoy!

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