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A message from Mr. Duty

Dear Parents and Guardians:

This is a big week at Tahoma High School and we need your full support from home. Please help make sure your student attends and fully participates on these special days. If you hear from your student…”this is stupid” or “nobody goes”, it’s just not true. These are different days, but very important to attend!

Wednesday is the Junior Art Field Trip. All Juniors are working in small adult chaperoned groups exploring public art projects in Seattle. Photography and reflective essays will document each student’s art experience. This will be a full school day for seniors and sophomores.

Thursday Morning (Early Release at 11:45 am for all 10th and 11th graders): We call it “Get Real Day as part of our Future Ready initiative. We start the day with a guest speaker (Ian Furness from KJR radio) talking about goal setting and preparation for real life after high school. Then, each student will report to their 3 selected special classes taught by community volunteers on topics such as: buying a car, credit scores, running a small business,  NCAA Eligibility, paying for college, resume writing, fit for life, apprenticeships, IT careers,  and much, much more. We have all heard a student say…when will I ever use this stuff??? Get Real Day is just that, a day of real life learning that applies to every student.

Thursday Afternoon (Seniors arrive at 12:30 and report to their presentation location no later than 12:50, 10th and 11th grade released at 11:45). Senior Oral Boards. Our seniors dress for success to present their senior transition plan to a panel of community members and staff from around the school district.

Friday and Monday: Long Memorial holiday weekend. The extra day (Friday) was saved and not used for a snow day so Friday is off.

Thank you for your continued support of our programs and school

Terry A. Duty


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