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Outcomes and Indicators Exemplary Award

TSD – Exemplary Performance Award  – DUE MAY 23 by 3:00 pm

Class of 2014! Your graduation class marks the 2nd class to have the opportunity to apply for the Outcomes and Indicators Exemplary Award.  It was created to honor the work our students engage in connected to the Tahoma High School Outcomes and Indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to apply for the award?

This is a wonderful way to make visible the amazing work many of our students do.   It isn’t connected to grade point so students who demonstrate excellence in work in other ways can be formally recognized for that excellence.  The award provides a way to feature your demonstration of excellence on an application aligned with the 21st century skill set employers are looking for.  Students earning the recognition will be featured at Senior Awards Night and will have a special designation in the graduation program.

Where can I find the forms to verify my participation in activities and events for the award?

Should I download the forms and type on them so my application is professional looking?

Definitely!  This is an award for exemplary performance connected to our District Outcomes so you want your application to demonstrate you took time and effort to ensure it reflects your best work.

Can I make the description boxes bigger or add additional rows to a table to document my work?

Yes.  That’s the reason the application is provided in electronic format so you can change the spacing and room in the different parts of the application to fit your responses.   Try to be concise, yet complete.   If you aren’t sure if something is allowed, simply check in with Mrs. Young (counseling) or Ms. Fox (main office).

I have some activities I did early in high school I want to count but the right people aren’t available anymore to verify my participation.  What can I do?

We expect that might happen as we are in the second year of the award.  You can have your parents verify your participation and completion of activities.

I’m going to take my verification form to be signed by the person verifying my participation and/or hours.  Should I type out all the information I know and then print it out before taking it to them? 

Yes!  You should input all the information onto the form and then print two copies.  That way you have one that they can keep if they want.  You only need to turn one in with your completed application.    Don’t forget to sign it yourself and have your parent/guardian sign to verify your participation and/or service.

eligible for the community service?

Yes, as 
community service criteria.

hours / participation?

Each student must keep track of their hours on community service verification forms for the community contributor category and on the activity verification for team membership / leadership for the collaborative worker category.

Can hours completed in the summer after 8th grade is completed be counted?

Yes, the student is officially a 9th grader at that time and as long as the hours meet the criteria they can be counted.

  1. Enedina Benavidez
    April 27, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Is there a specific sheet in which you must verify every community service activity/event or is it just the community contributor paper with a parent signature?

  2. Heidi Young
    May 6, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Enedina, it is just the one community contributor paper with a parent signature.

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