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Parent/Teacher Conferences 2013

November 4, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Parent-Teacher-ConferencesTahoma High School’s Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held Wednesday and Thursday of this week:
Wednesday the 6th from 5:00-8:00pm and Thursday the 7th from 4:00-7:00pm.

We are half way through the semester so this would be a good time to check your student’s grades https://family.tahoma.wa-k12.net/ and determine if you would like to meet with one or more of your student’s teachers.  Parent attendance is optional.  We will need to limit each individual conference to 5 minutes to accommodate as many parents as possible.  Due to coaching responsibilities and sharing of staff with other buildings, not all staff will be available both days.  Some teachers may have shortened hours on one or both of the days which is reflected in the times in parenthesis.

The following staff will be at conferences on the day listed:

Wednesday, 11/6 (5-8pm)                                       Thursday, 11/7 (4-7pm)       
Allison Agnew                                                           Charisse Braun
Kerstin Feist                                                              Melissa Corby
Erika Hanson                                                            Kristen Eisele
Tyrell Hardtke                                                           Suzanne Gardner (4:00-6:00)
Bob Hartman (5:00-5:45)                                         Bob Hartman (4:00-5:30)
Crystal Hess                                                               Anne Hobson (5:30-7:00)
Anne Hobson (5:30-8:00)                                          Jennifer McCoy (4:00-6:00)
Alyssa Hurt                                                                Nathalie Norris
Jason Johnson                                                            Jami Suhoversnik
Kathleen Kinney                                                        Brett Thompson (5:00-7:00)
Hilary Ledford                                                           Dave Wright (5:30-7:00)
Ken Riggs                                                                   
Adam Rubeck                                                             
Brett Thompson (6:30-8:30)
Adam Turley                                                              
Dave Wright (5:30-8:00)                                            

We expect all other teachers to be present both days. 

Please print your student’s grades and schedules before attending so you have teacher names.  Also available will be our counselors, administrators, librarian, and PTA representatives.  Take a moment to visit our Book Fair in the library and chat with our PTA who will have information about Grad Night, PTA membership, volunteer opportunities and more!

Figure out where to find the teachers here:

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