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Tahoma’s new Color Guard

colorguardOur NEW Tahoma Senior High School Color Guard has been working hard, investing lots of hours and surpassing all expectations this year! Some of our girls from the fall field show color guard season continued working on their art indoors to recorded music on a whole new show!

Recent Performance Recording: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Tkj95q6t_M 

Tahoma has not had a competitive color guard prior to this year since the mid-90’s!

These ladies have been working for many hours every weekend at THS and one night a week at TJH. The thought at the beginning of the season was simply to be exposed to what other schools are doing and get some initial experience. then after a couple of competitions and beating a couple of other winter guards that have established programs, the hope became trying to get close to, or actually place, by the end of the season. WELL, this last weekend, the Tahoma Winter guard girls with their awesome coach Thomas Conway, continued working hard and earned 2nd place in the Regional Scholastic A division with over 10 other guard competing! Here is the breakdown…

  • 1st Shelton Winter guard 72.4
  • 2nd Tahoma Winter guard 71.6
  • 3rd North Kitsap W.G. 71.4

Now, our winter guard continues to hold themselves to a higher standard….1st place is in their scope! Cheer on our girls and support them on their trek! They have a competition in a couple of weeks with finals two weeks following!

Team Members

  • Emily Gloor, Captain
  • Caroline Farquharson
  • Bordeaux Millette
  • Nora Olden
  • Ricki Wills
  • Veronique Castillo
  • Bri Little
  • Thomas Conway, Coach, Choreographer, drill designer
  • Mrs. Conway, Flags!

We are all very proud of you!

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