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Speech and Debate goes to Nationals

This past weekend Tahoma competed in the National Qualifying Tournament. This single tournament determines which students earn the right to compete at the National Tournament this June in Birmingham, Alabama. Needless to say this tournament was a very competitive, pressure packed, high-stakes event and I am proud to say that Tahoma dominated this year.
This year, FIVE of our students will be competing in the National Tournament due to their outstanding performances. For the second year in a row Miranda Smith will be competing in Original Oratory and Jayaram Ravi will be competing in International Extemporaneous Speaking. On a side note, Jayaram also qualified in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, but students are required to select one event to compete in at Nationals. In addition, Dessa Meehan and Krista Eades will be competing in Dual Interpretation, and Noah Adam will be competing in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. When you get the chance please congratulate them.
We are so very proud of the hard work and effort all of members of team have put into their respective events. 
On a side note: Tahoma also won the National Forensics Sweepstakes Award, which is given to the top school in each district!
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