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We The People wins state!

January 14, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Saturday, January 11 Tahoma High School’s We the People team won a hard fought, extremely intense state competition.  Their work ethic has been incredible and their performance, articulately applying constitutional principles, was exceptional. They will be representing our state and the Tahoma School District at We the People Nationals in Washington, D.C. the end of April.

Tahoma’s Washington State We the People Champions:
1.     Noah Adam
2.    Christina Adamson
3.    Alissa Bates
4.    Joel Christensen
5.    Rachelle Frets
6.    Jessica Glassner
7.    Mitchell Halbert
8.    Tabitha Kim
9.    Timothy Lamb
10.  Molly Lathrop
11.  Trenton Lawrence
12.  Nicole Lindblom
13.  Dessa Meehan
14.  Matthew Milburn
15.  Dakota-Storm Nichols
16.  Erika Nist
17.  Sorina Pitts
18.  Angela Rocchi
19.  Niribili Sarmah
20. Jacob Seely
21.  Miranda Smith
22. Carter Stoddard
23. Ashley Taylor
24. Kendall von Michalofski
25. William Wheeler
26. Taylor White
27. Bridget Wulfing
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