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Bear Metal success at nationals

The Tahoma Robotics Club returned from St. Louis last night after four days of competition at the FIRST Robotics Championship event. Tahoma had a rough start on the beginning of the first day of competitions due to some air leaks in their pneumatic system. Once these issues were fixed, the Bears did extremely well and rose to become one of the top ten basket scoring robots on the field of 100 teams. Due to the rough start and tough random alliance pairings, Tahoma was pushed down in the rankings for the qualification matches and ended up 42 out 100

However, once the qualification matches were over, the top eight teams from the qualification matches became alliance captains and drafted their partners for the finals. Due to Tahoma’s impressive scoring performance, they were chosen as a first round draft pick on the 7th seeded alliance. This is the first year Tahoma was chosen in the first round in the finals at championship. Tahoma allied with team 195 from Southington, Connecticut and team 2415 from Atlanta, Georgia. Tahoma’s alliance was eliminated in the quarterfinals by a strong alliance that went on win the Archimedes division.

We would like thank everyone for their support and encouragement. Please congratulate the robotics members for their most impressive performance ever at the championship event.

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