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Congrats Seniors for completing STEP!

Product Fair was wildly successful this year, thanks to:

  • Custodians who set up and took down tables (an ENORMOUS job) which was done to perfection
  • Dave Peters and his Leadership class who assisted with the set up and take down
  • Teachers who visited with well-behaved and focused students
  • Staff who parked elsewhere, which we understand was extremely inconvenient
  • Administrators and Jerry who checked on us constantly
  • Subs who patrolled the gym protecting the precious projects
  • Parents, families, community members and district office staff who took the time to visit and admire seniors’ work
  • APGI teachers who assisted with set up and take down and who graded Product Boards into the wee hours
  • The poor bus driver who barely avoided mowing down a senior as she streaked to the gym with her Product Board
  • Kalei McKittrick who not only survived her first Product Fair but also supported and graded the bulk of the 60 Running Start students
  • Peggy Waldron who covered the library with no breaks, even opening the library early on Wednesday to help panicky seniors
  • Mentors who supported the seniors throughout the process

And, last but not least…

  • Our phenomenal senior class for the countless hours spent on amazing projects!
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