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Green Opportunities at Tahoma

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tahoma High School’s nationally recognized Green Team would like to make you aware of the “green” opportunities you have here at THS.

  • Classroom/Lunchroom Recycling…..paper, bottles, cans, plastic tubs (ex yogurt containers), milk cartons, paper Starbucks cups.  Please empty first!
  • Lunchroom Food Waste…..ALL food scraps, napkins, paper plates, pizza boxes, paper lunch bags.  Please no wrappers, plastic forks or baggies!
  • NEW!!!  Water Bottle Filling Station…… Located in Main Street, this neat addition dispenses filtered, cold water into your reusable water bottle.  It also has a counter so that we can see how many plastic water bottles are being diverted from our landfill.
  • Food Waste (of another kind)…..last year we noticed a HUGE amount of lovingly prepared lunches from home in the food waste receptacles or garbage.  If you bring a lunch and regularly throw it away, please consider sharing it, saving it for later or not bringing it at all.  The person who makes your lunch will appreciate it!!
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