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A note on dress code from Mr. Duty

I am very disappointed in the attire students wore to school today; I would like to remind our students at Tahoma High School about our “Dress Code” which can be found in your student planner on page # 6. From this point forward student in violation of the district dress code will be sent immediately to the office and parents contacted. Violators will be subject to school discipline. Your cooperation with modest, school appropriate dress is expected!

The major violations listed below will be strictly enforced through the remainder of the school year:

  • No bare midriff or showing of underwear (e.g. Bra straps, boxer shorts, etc.).
  • No spaghetti straps or muscle shirts—ALL straps that are part of upper attire must be a minimum of an ASB card width and not hanging below the armpit.
  • Shorts and skirts MUST be fingertip length.

Also clothing that promotes or advertises drugs, alcohol, tobacco or sex, or that displays representation of hate or anti-establishment (e.g.—Swastikas, confederate flags, anarchism) are not allowed.  No upper attire with plunging necklines that show cleavage.  Hats are not to be worn or visible during the school day.

Let’s finish the year strong and continue a solid academic focus until the end.ONE SCHOOL!

Terry Duty

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