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Thursday, April 14

April 13, 2011

TODAY’S  LUNCH:  BBQ Chicken Grill on Kaiser Roll,Oven Baked Onion Rings, Salad and Finishing Bar, and Milk

 Sports Today :  BB—-V vs  AUB—JV @ Aub:—FP–V vs  AUB  @KSP  4:00;–JV @ Aub 3:30 GFP,  TRACK–@KW 3:00 —- GIRL TENNIS   JV/V vs. Beamer 3:30 

 There will be mandatory Pre-Administration sessions for the AP exams.   Students must attend the Pre-Administration session in order to take the exam.

Place:    THS Lecture Hall

Time:   SSR


Monday, April 18             Last names beginning A-E

Tuesday, April 19            Last names beginning F-L

Thursday, April 21          Last names beginning M-R

Friday, April 22                Last names beginning S-Z

PROM REMINDERS—APRIL 16, 8-11pm. There should be plenty of free parking underneath the viaduct, read all signs. Be careful of garages; some close early.You and your guest should have picture ID with you. Both THS and Aquarium have zero- tolerance policies on drugs and alcohol. ARE YOU READY TO PAY $20,000 FOR A CANCELLED PROM?

 THS’s dance policy is still in place and will be enforced.

Thought of the week-Conscience is that still, small voice that is sometimes too loud for comfort .BERT MURRAY