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Food Waste at THS

As of today, THS will start collecting food waste in the lunchroom.  You can help us be successful by following these general rules for lunchroom recycling and food waste collection:

YELLOW – all food scraps, trays, food soiled pizza boxes, paper napkins, wax paper (cookie bags, muffin papers)

BLUE – aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, frozen food boxes, plastic tubs (NO LIDS or CAPS please!!)

GRAY – candy wrappers, baggies, Kleenex, foil, chip bags, plastic cutlery

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is……if you don’t know, then read a sign, ask someone, or put it in the trash!

Another commonly asked question has to do with paper towels.  The general rules are:

Paper towels/napkins from kitchen are OK
Paper towels/kleenex from the bathroom are NOT OK
Paper towels used with cleaning solutions are NOT OK

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