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Wednesday, January 26

January 25, 2011

TODAY’S LUNCH: Fish Sandwich, Oven Baked Fries, Salad & Finishing Bar, and Milk            

 TODAY’S SPORTS: JV/V Wrestling@ Mount Rainier 6/7:30

 Students who need a schedule change should come to the counseling center during tutorial or after school. The counselors will be available until 4:00 p.m. we will also be available until 4:00 on Wednesday, January 26th. Please come with the appropriate paperwork. Paperwork is available in the counseling center.

 Bear Beans Espresso is now taking applications for 2nd semester morning baristas. If interested, please see Leslie Fuller at the Espresso stand in the mornings. Workers receive a free drink each day they work and a letter of recommendation upon completion of the semester. Juniors and seniors get priority but sophomores may apply.

 Thought of the Week: If you’re going to have an exercise program, start by exercising kindness.