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TechFlash: Inspiring HS Developers

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

What does it take to inspire teenagers to consider computing careers? RSA encryption, a large supply of fruit snacks and a healthy competitive atmosphere may be part of the answer.

Last Saturday, students from around the Puget Sound gathered at the University of Washington for a battle of the minds: the Puget Sound Computer Science Teachers Association’s biannual programming competition. Over 70 students ages 12 to 18 piled into an auditorium to hear UW Computer Science and Engineering lecturer Stuart Reges describe Fermat’s Little Theorem and its role in cryptography before a three-hour problem solving marathon.

During the competition, students worked in teams of up to three to solve computational tasks ranging from determining whether a set of points describe a right triangle to validating URLs.

Read more of the article here.

Congratulations to Tahoma High School’s Colin Wallace, Andrew Reinman, Daniel Imaino who took 1st place overall in this competition demonstrating skills as complex thinkers, collaboartive workers, and quality producers.  These students have learned computational thinking and problem solving skills in Tahoma’s Career and Technical Education course: AP Computer Science.

(Photos courtesy of Kathy Milburn)

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