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Global Academy's Iron Chef

October 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Students in Global Academy have been reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. In the book, he discusses, experiences/creates 4 meals: the industrial meal, the industrial organic meal, the local sustainable meal, and the do-it-yourself meal. One of the culminating projects to assess the students’ reading comprehension was to form teams, sign up for which “meal” (except the industrial meal—we’re all pretty familiar with that one (McD’s, Pizza Hut, etc)), become experts on their section of the book, and prepare a dish using ingredients and behaviors expressed in Pollan’s book.

Yesterday, students brought their dishes, menu descriptions, ingredient lists, and videos of their cooking show to compete in Global Iron Chef. Guest tasters were Julie Lee from THS and head chef Tom Small from Armondo’s Italian Restaurant. The kids did a great job and demonstrated that not only is it interesting to read about our food system issues, but to experience different ways of growing, raising, harvesting, and preparing food. Compare the experience of making and eating Elk Pizza (with homemade cheese, elk meat, etc- Do It Yourself meal) and Crab Quiche (Local Sustainable meal) to the typical “99 cent heart attack in a sack” we get from a drive through window. The students had a lot of fun and learned a lot through other activities, such as a field experience at Full Circle Farms and blogging about their learning on pugetsoundoff.org. As part of their preparation, some kids went to local area farms for their eggs, beef, and veggies, while many shopped “organic” at local area stores, but all students realized how tasty and refreshing it is to eat food that has ingredients they can pronounce, that hasn’t traveled countless m

iles through the use of fossil fuels, and that came from the hard work of local farmers.

In the end, Chef Tom Small talked about the creativity, energy, and sustainable practices that he and his staff bring to the kitchen of Armondo’s in Renton. He also gave the kids a few tips on seasoning J and offered to have students interested in culinary arts to contact him for possible mentorships in his kitchen.

The winners were:
Industrial Organic:
1st : Skittles (Shannon, Kimberly): Apple Cobbler
2nd :Oreo (Kiara, Haley, Makiah): Fajitas
3rd : Llama Llama (Alec, Tanya, Paige): Brownies

Local Sustainable:
1st: French Fist (Jacob, Zach, Nick N): Crab Quiche, Sweet Potato Soup, Apple Tart

Do It Yourself:
1st : Flammingg Burritos (Matt, Nik O, Ryley): Sirloin Steak Burritos
2nd: DRL (Jose, Travis, Shawn): Elk Pizza

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